Mystery Incorporated UK chronicles the adventures of four (British) young adults who solve mysteries for profit and pleasure. To those who are new, please read from the bottom (clicking 'Older Posts' ) in order to start at the beginning.

Be warned: MI_UK contains frequent strong language and occasional violence and sexual references. And sarcasm. Lots of sarcasm. It may not be suitable for those under the age of fourteen. Updated Fridays (on t'other site).

Friday, 27 August 2010

Who reads newspapers in this day and age?

Robyn is one of a few people I know with an intense hatred of polkadot nightmare Mr. Blobby. Just what is he anyway? Answers on a postcard.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Just a quick request, could anyone who likes the comic please join the facebook group. This thing'll only go past one case if there's an audience for it, and it'll hemp me keep track.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

At last, a mystery

All trained up and introduced, Mystery Incorporated UK have finally been asked to solve a mystery.

The lack of dialogue ("...." don't count) was Robyn's idea, and works really well. The owl with monocle was her idea too. I'm really pleased with how this turned out as a whole actually. The alliteration was me though - sorry about that.

Profile: Timmy


An old VW Beetle with no seat belts in the back. Despite Rowan's care, it has seen better days. Timmy functions as MI_UK's signature vehicle, but has had a number of previous owners and jobs including the trafficking of moonshine, drugs and Jelly Babies. It eventually came into the possession of Rowan, who knows nothing of its past and of the hundreds of Jelly Parents whose lives it helped devastate. Rowan named it Timmy and loves it/him dearly.

Profile: Jacob


"Rowan, you're a bastion of originality(!)"

The sarcastic one, and a thoroughly te'nebricose presence. Though solving mysteries was his idea, Jacob is happy to take a side-seat in order to make snide comments. Possessed of a great wit (he thinks) Jacob can be cold sometimes, but rest assured that he does have a heart, albeit part-mechanised with brambles growing on it.
Jacob is one of the millions of people worldwide who like cheese.

Profile: Alexandra


"I kinda feel sorry for him..."

Being 'Token Girl' presents Alex with a chance to break the mould. It's a chance she does not take. Alexandra acts as the group's heart, contrasting Rowan's practicality and Jacob's icy cynicism. Depending on the individual, Alex's sympathy and/or looks can coax information from suspects and victims that the others never would have found.

Profile: Elliot


"I was thinking about guitars."


Profile: Rowan


"We're Mystery Incorporated UK, bitch!"

MI_UK's leader, he has many qualities befitting of the role: He is intelligent (but so is Jacob), he is perceptive and resourceful (but so is Jacob), and he is charismatic (but so is Alexandra). Despite all these traits, there is one overriding reason that Rowan leads MI_UK:- He owns the car.
Rowan cannot tightrope walk.

Latin means we're classy!

The Hitler salutes are unintentional. Rowan also looks nothing like the Soviet propaganda I had in my head, but that's my fault for not sending Robyn a reference picture.

Training without a montage? Preposterous...

We don't have much of a budget for special effects. But everyone knows Zombie-ghosts wear braces (suspenders). Stephen Fry said so on Qi once, so it's true.

Ok, so that never actually happened.

Does machines

You don't fuck with the Omniscient Narrator.

Does anyone else actually get this joke? Please say it's not just me... Also, I'm really happy with how well Robyn's drawn both Elliot and the terminator here.

Role up for exposition!

Subtle exposition is for plays. Here at MI_UK, we tell you just how it's going to be!

See what I meant about Jacob's sarcasm? I love Elliot's face in this one as well.

Boot Camp

Art style change! Robyn was still finding her feet last time, it stays like this.

Omniscient narrator is usually a narrative technique. I made him a character. Robyn made him speak in Courier for some reason. We also get our first taste of Jacob's sarcasm.

First Page - An Unlikley Begginning

And so it begins. In a very similar way to how the comic was concieved actually. Don't worry, the writing gets better.